Turning Memories into Story: the Art of Memoir

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An online writing workshop, with interactive in-person video sessions once a week.
Cost: $395 for eight weeks. The next session begins May 7, 2017

What is memoir? It's remembering events in your life, events that shaped and challenged you, yes. It's also taking those events and discovering something about you, the people around you, your community or the world. It is using those events to delve deeply into what it means to be human, to be a mother or father, grandmother or grandfather, or a child. Those insights you bring to the narrative are what make memoir worth reading.

At the end of this workshop, you’ll have:

• Discovered the “story” or narrative of your life;
• Begun to understand the deeper lessons of your life experiences and how that understanding can change you and touch others;
• Uncovered the best structure for your memoir;
• Learned how to use journaling to jump start your writing;
• Developed a rough road map toward completion of your memoir.

This workshop will include time for generative writing to prompts, online sharing and
discussion, and feedback from the instructor. We’ll delve into the work in ways intended to spark
creativity and lead to deeper insights. Join us!

Email or call (805) 455–8698 to sign up. 

What Others Say About Marcia's Workshops

"Marcia’s workshop was just what I needed to keep working on my memoir. I found her assignments inspirational, helping me think deeper about my writing. I highly recommend this class."

"Marcia, your guidance on memoir writing is perfect for both seasoned writers and beginners like me. You bring a treasure trove of material as well as your own wealth of experience to all writers. Many thanks!"

"You did a great job, are so warm/congenial/hospitable and most important, so very knowledgeable. Your 'can-do' attitude was contagious.  I was amazed at how I produced one bouncy and breezy blog so quickly."
"Magnificent! You knew the territory well and helped us learn how to navigate those 'troubled waters' of technology to our advantage. You always answered questions when they came up, and took care of our nervousness with care and understanding."
"Effective introduction, good outline and organization of material,  positive energy and enthusiasm. Also, you were 'grace under fire' in the way you handled questions and in the give-and-take between participants. Great workshop."
"Fantastic! I would attend another one of your workshops."
"You were wonderful. Thanks for rekindling the spark!"