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Heart on a Fence, by Marcia Meier

A 44-page gift book of Marcia Meier’s photos and poetry. Evoking both poignancy and optimism, Marcia’s photos beautifully illustrate poems that delve into childhood fears and adult revelations that remind readers of the power of love, perseverance, and hope.

Praise for Heart on a Fence:

“Your beautiful book is a treasure. Thank you! A lovely meditation. Word and image gathered with such care.”
“Marcia, the book is gorgeous! Riches all around.”
"If you are like me and need a little beauty for the senses at the end of a long day, Heart on a Fence by Marcia Meier is for you. It is a photography poetry treasure. Treat yourself to one of her amazing photographs and one of her rich poems each day and your world will be so much better for it."
"I finally had a sweet hour to enjoy reading Heart on a Fence, and enjoyed it very much. Imagery for the heart and imagery for the eyes... May your lovely book be warmly applauded!"
Heart on a Fence
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Published in fall 2015, O Tomodachi is Jorgensen’s vibrant, detailed memoir of observing, experiencing, and absorbing a bygone culture.

In 1954, as a twenty-nine-year-old grad student and World War II veteran, Jorgensen was selected to be one of four “ambassador” teachers in a first-ever exchange program between the United States and Japan, representing the University of Michigan, under the auspices of The Asia Foundation. He spent the next two years teaching at the University of Hiroshima, which was founded in the wake of the atomic bomb detonation in 1945. Thus began an incredible journey for, as he describes himself, a “kid from the Midwest.”

In his Foreword, David E. Sanger, Chief Washington correspondent for The New York Times, says, “Dick…reminds us of a Japan we can only imagine today, in the mind’s eye and old newsreels. His is a great story of an American’s love affair with a Japan that no longer exists, yet remains the Japan of our longings.”

As a work of history, O Tomodachi provides a perspective on postwar Japan that is both factual and accessible. As a memoir, it provides a wonderful sense of what it was like for a young American to go off to a foreign land, a place that had only recently been the enemy of the United States, and to open himself to new experiences and people. Jorgensen fell in love with Japan, and that love has lasted a lifetime.

Read more at dickjorgensenauthor.com and purchase for Kindle on Amazon.com.

Praise for O Tomodachi:

“A warm, appealing eyewitness account that displays the author’s appreciation for Japan’s art and architecture and its postwar challenges.” – Kirkus Reviews
“Wow! Thank you so much for your O Tomodachi! What a wonderful research work this book is!” 
“Hans and I were delighted to read it…good for my ladies group to read! Amazing, and so proud of you!
“Yours is a unique story and the book is very well written.”