A Beautiful Day for Writing

It's been a beautiful day here in Santa Barbara. I have been writing, and revising my 25-page critical paper for my MFA, over the weekend (it's almost done!). And I got to go out and take a long walk along the ocean bluffs with my dog, Chevella, this afternoon. The Daylight Savings Time shift is always disconcerting to me. I like the longer days, but I don’t like the change twice a year. I’d be happy if things just stayed the same all the time.

Even so, I feel productive today, despite the loss of an hour. I have started one of my two required book annotations this month, and am enjoying (as a work of exquisite nonfiction) the book Hiroshima, which we will discuss in my MFA mentor group next week.  I also have been trying to get as much writing done on my memoir as possible. My writing group acts as a wonderful incentive that way: I have to have 5,000 words of new material by next weekend. We meet once a month, and I specifically formed this group to give me feedback (and provide feedback to women writers I admire) when I started my MFA program.

I’ve also been submitting some of my poetry to literary magazines this week. This feels like such a shot in the dark, but I get a tremendous sense of satisfaction from writing poetry, and I’ve had a couple of poems accepted for publication, which only encourages me. That’s a good thing.

I’ve been delighted to hear from some of you who read my blog. My friend Karin Finell has a new memoir about her late daughter, Stephanie, coming out in the fall from the University of Missouri Press, which published Karin’s first memoir, Goodbye to the Mermaids, A Childhood Lost in Hitler’s Berlin.

Would love to hear what your latest projects are. And what you are doing to get them out into the world. Cheers!