Be Still. Listen to the Stones of the Wall

“In silence, we most readily preserve our integrity.” – Meister Eckhart

Maintaining silence is healing. It means removing not just speech, but all extraneous thought and chatter. It means quieting the mind.

It is something I say I want to do, but don’t do as often as I should. The chatter in my head is incessant, constant, distracting, numbing.

Often I am so concerned with the minutia of the moment, the constant movement and flow of daily life, I forget to just stop and breathe. Meditation is healing, and yet I don’t do it as I should.

So, a pact with myself: I will turn to meditation every morning, and even maybe a brief time in the evenings before bed, to be grateful. To thank the Universe for the many blessings that fall upon me every day, for the loved ones – dear friends and clients – who make my life so richly rewarding.

I embrace it all, even the unknown, and step into the breach, off the ledge, trusting that wherever I land will be the place I am meant to be.

I am whole.

I am loved.

I am grateful.

I am enough. (Thank you, Brené Brown.)


Stumbling Toward the Buddha - A Sure-footed Debut

Stumbling image.jpg

Dawn Downey's memoir, Stumbling Toward the Buddha, Tripping Over my Principles on the Road to Transformation, is a lovely collection of linked essays that explore her search for meaning in her life. What is enlightenment anyway? Dawn asks, as she sits meditation on retreat and struggles with her fears and doubts. Fears of driving and getting lost (a perfect metaphor perhaps). Doubts about who her parents were and whether she can trust her own muddled memories of growing up amid family violence and neglect.

I am proud to have worked with Dawn as she perfected this exquisite memoir.

Anyone who has ever sought to understand him- or herself will find Stumbling Toward the Buddha both familiar and enlightening.