An Artist's Prayer

Many of you have read Julia Cameron's wonderful book on creativity, The Artist's Way. I have had my copy since 1991, and while I've read it a number of times, it is only recently that I decided to work the book - do all the tasks and exercises.


It's been an interesting and in many ways surprising journey. I've journaled most of my life, so the morning pages aren't new. What is, though, is the shift I've experienced in my creativity. My writing comes more readily, more effortlessly. And my life seems to be shifting, as well. Julia tells us that will happen, and the skeptic in me kind of snorted. But she is right.

One of the tasks is to write An Artist's Prayer. She offers one as an example in the book. I actually like mine a lot better. Have you written an artist's prayer? Feel free to use mine when you're sending entreaties heavenward.

My Artist's Prayer

O, great Creator

Guide my hand

Open my heart

Quiet my mind

Allow your inspiration to flow to and through me

Make me your instrument for creativity

Allow my words to move and touch others

To soothe, to bring awareness, to make life easier for others

To bring about justice and foment peace

May I always work in a way that brings your holy spirit and love to others

May your vast love hold me safe and keep me whole as I create and write in service to you and the world