'The Intouchables' - Don't Miss It

My friend Diana invited me to see the French movie “The Intouchables.” What a beautiful film. Based on a true story, it is the tale of a wealthy quadriplegic and a young man from the Paris projects who becomes his caretaker. A story of developing mutual respect and love, the caretaker, Driss, (Omar Sy) is a spark of fun and diversion for Phillipe (Francois Cluzet), who was paralyzed in a paragliding accident not long before his wife died of a terminal illness.

Driss is looking only for a signature on his unemployment form to keep his state benefits coming when he applies for a job with Phillipe. The tables are turned when Phillipe offers him a job and predicts he won’t last two weeks.

There is a lot involved in taking care of a quad. Driss learns to feed Phillipe, bathe him, put on his support hose, and, yes, clear his bowels. What is more important is Driss helps Phillipe learn how to live again.

Phillipe had lived on the edge. (It’s no surprise he was paralyzed in a hangliding accident). Driss gives him back that part of his life. Driss eschews the handicapped vehicle for the sports car, and Phillipe experiences anew the sense of freedom he knew when his life was his own. Driss invigorates the household staff, and makes Phillipe’s birthday a time to remember.

Meanwhile, Driss learns about compassion, loyalty and responsibility.

If you go to this movie, there will be tears. Count on it. But they will be welcome reminders of what is right and good in this world. See it.