January in Santa Barbara

Just a quick post today to say January was the most beautiful I can remember in Santa Barbara. And February is starting out much the same. It has been warm (in the 70s) and sunny almost every day. Here are some photos I've taken over the past two weeks at local beaches.

I usually look forward to winter as a time for cocooning and getting a lot of writing and reading done. Alas, so far this winter weather has only beckoned me out of doors. I took my journal the other day and sat at a picnic table overlooking the ocean at Summerland, a lovely little burg just south of Santa Barbara. People walked to and from the beach in their shorts and flip flops. If I didn't know better I'd think it was August. 

Focusing on my master's work and workshops and coaching has been tough! Even so, and as much as we need our seasonal rain, I'm hoping the summer breezes stay a while longer.