One of the things I feel most blessed by is my relationship with my editor and writing coach, Marcia Meier. Marcia has been my champion throughout this journey - has seen me through incredible self-doubt and fear; has held my hand and encouraged me when I was ready to walk away. There is no way - and I mean NO WAY - I would have developed into the writer I am today without her support.
— Diana M. Wilson


I provide manuscript review services for both fiction and nonfiction manuscripts. My critiques include line and/or developmental editing and a comprehensive written critique outlining strengths and weaknesses with specific suggestions for improvement. My fees are project-based and competitive. If you are interested in a manuscript review, send me an email.

For more information about manuscript review, check out this article.

Individual Coaching

My coaching—in person, by phone, email, or via online video conference—provides regular review, concrete suggestions for improvement, and encouragement in all aspects of fiction writing, (including story development, narrative arc, concept and structure, plotting,  character development and dialogue) and creative nonfiction (including book proposal development for memoir, biography and other nonfiction). Please email me for information about fees for all my services.

Books Marcia has shepherded

Roy Mankovitz and Alan Mankovitz — The Fourth Generation, 2019 (eco-thriller)

Dawn Downey — Searching for my Heart, Essays About Love, 2018 (essays)

Marcia Meier and Kathleen A. Barry, Ph.D., editors — Unmasked, Women Write About Sex and Intimacy After Fifty, 2017 (anthology)

Arthur Gross Schaefer, J.D. - The Rabbi Wore Moccasins and The Rabbi Wore a Fedora, 2017 (fiction)

Guy S. Clark, M.D. - Sharkbait, A Flight Surgeon’s Odyssey in Vietnam, 2017 (memoir)

Dick Jorgensen, Ph.D. - O Tomodachi (Friend), 2015, and Yuko, Friendship Between Nations, 2017 (memoirs)

R.K. Jackson – The Girl in the Maze, September 2015, Random House (psychological thriller)

Andrea Weir – A Foolish Consistency, Cedar Forge Press, September 2014 (novel)

Michele Wolfe – The Three Graces, 4Word Press, 2014 (novel)

Michael Scott Hanrahan – The Last Extinction, 2014 (environmental thriller in an enhanced book format, featuring animated illustrations)

Dawn Downey – Stumbling Toward the Buddha, Stories About Tripping Over My Principles on the Road to Transformation, 2014 (memoir, essays)

Joe Cobb and Leigh Anne Taylor – Our Family Outing, A Memoir of Coming Out and Coming Through, 2013 (memoir)

Steve Bassett – Golden Ghetto, How the Americans & French Fell In & Out of Love During the Cold War, Red Hen Press, 2013 (history, collective memoir)

Billy Goodnick – Yards, Turn Any Outdoor Space into the Garden of Your Dreams, St. Lynn’s Press, 2013 (gardening)

Kevin Bourke – Make Your Money Last a Lifetime, 2012 (finance, investing)


Here's what OTHER clients say about my coaching and manuscript critiques:

"I selected Marcia as my writing coach when I got serious about making my manuscript market-worthy. She's an expert on everything literary, with a special gift of 'approach.' She leads her client to become her very best by sensing her unique needs and responding with a professionalism and effectiveness that is priceless to any writer looking for an edge. Marcia gave me the confidence I required so I could climb the next hill en route to my next great publication." - Liane A.

"Marcia Meier is a lifeline! She offers excellent counsel, guidance and insider knowledge that is unparalleled. She is quick to respond, timely on deadlines, courteous and professional. As a first-time writer, Marcia's assistance and coaching enabled me to secure agent representation with my first query! I highly recommend her services to both experienced and new writers. I enjoyed working with her and would work with her again!" - Lynne F.

"You have helped me in so many ways. In all my 40 years as a writer, no one has done as much for me and my writing as you." - Patrick F.

"I was thinking the other day how it was about a year ago that I started working with you. I think of the confidence you've given me, the support and encouragement you've shown me, and I'm so grateful for your valuable insights on writing and life!" - Michele W.

“Marcia is an inspiration. She offers thoughtful and constructive critique and her classroom is a safe place to share and discuss work. She is also an invaluable resource in terms of publishing – she really can help steer you in the right direction toward getting your work published – if that’s your goal. I highly recommend her as a teacher of writing because she can truly help take your work to a higher level.” – Eva F.

“Always gracious - positive feedback - a wealth of information about publishing, blogging, writing editorials, you name it - Marcia knows her subject inside and out." – Gail G.

“I have been a published writer for several years, but Marcia's techniques helped me tackle some deeply personal stories that had been tugging at me for a very long time. I appreciate the comfortable environment she offers as well as her willingness to be honest with me.” - Lisa S.