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I am at work on two new projects: a novel and another memoir, about schizophrenia and how it has affected my brother and our family.

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Unmasked, Women Write About Sex and Intimacy After Fifty, co-edited with Kathleen A. Barry, Ph.D. , was published in 2017. The anthology includes 32 poems and 21 essays written by women aged 50-87, from all over the United States, the U.K., Iran and Australia. Think mature women don't like sex? Think again.

Here's what Gloria Steinem says about Unmasked:

"Sex for women after fifty is invisible for the same reason that contraception, abortion, and sex between two women or two men has been forbidden: sexuality is supposed to be only about procreation. This lie was invented by patriarchy, monotheism, racism and other hierarchies. Sexuality is and always has been also about bonding, communication and pleasure. Unmasked helps to restore a human right."


I completed a memoir, Return to Fourth Street, in 2018, and sent it off to a number of literary publishers.

This book looks at the impacts on my life of an early traumatic injury that disfigured my face. I was hit by a car when I was five and dragged a half-block down the street. I lost my entire left cheek and eyelid, and had to undergo twenty surgeries over the next fifteen years, the majority of them before I turned eleven. When I went off to college I pushed all those experiences down into a deep place and tried not to think about them again. But at midlife, my life was falling apart, and I was forced to look back and confront all the heartache that accompanied those early years of surgeries, trauma, and emotional pain. It was the beginning of my coming back to myself. It is my hope that Return to Fourth Street will inspire and move others to confront painful experiences and, ultimately, find healing, understanding and contentment. 

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Ireland, Place Out of Time (Weeping Willow Books, 2017), is a collection of poetry and photographs that grew out of a trip to Ireland in October 2015. We traveled from Dublin south to Waterford and Kinsale, then up the western coast, stopping to visit the Ring of Kerry, the Dingle Peninsula,  the tiny burg of Doolin and the Aran Islands, as well as The Cliffs of Moher, The Burren, and beautiful windswept Connemara. Come along with us on this lovely journey as we discover Ireland, truly a place out of time.

Praise for Ireland, Place Out of Time:

'A beautiful book that photographs the magic of a certain part of Ireland with poems that sing of the Irish.' -- Perie Longo, Santa Barbara Poet Laureate Emeritus

You can purchase Ireland, Place Out of Time, here.

See more interior images  here .

See more interior images here.

Heart on a Fence, a book of my poetry and photography, was published by Weeping Willow Books in 2016. I am thrilled to offer this book, which combines my love of photography with my poetry.

Praise for Heart on a Fence:

“Your beautiful book is a treasure. Thank you! A lovely meditation. Word and image gathered with such care.”

“Marcia, the book is gorgeous! Riches all around.”

"If you are like me and need a little beauty for the senses at the end of a long day, Heart on a Fence by Marcia Meier is for you. It is a photography poetry treasure. Treat yourself to one of her amazing photographs and one of her rich poems each day and your world will be so much better for it."

"I finally had a sweet hour to enjoy reading Heart on a Fence, and enjoyed it very much. Imagery for the heart and imagery for the eyes... May your lovely book be warmly applauded!"

You can order Heart on a Fence here.

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My 2010 book, Navigating the Rough Waters of Today’s Publishing World, Critical Advice for Writers from Industry Insiders (Quill Driver Books), was named one of “10 Great Writing Books from 2010” by The Writer magazine. 

In its review, The Writer said: “This accessible, concise road map to the publishing industry offers an in-depth look at the impact of emerging technologies on publishing (in the future, Meier writes,  “almost everything published will move to an online format”), as well as the important differences between fiction and nonfiction publishing.  Additionally, the author covers how to work effectively with agents,  maximize marketing and promotional opportunities, and get published in magazines, newspapers and online. Meier is an award-winning journalist,  as well as the former owner and director of the prestigious Santa Barbara Writers Conference. Her book is an invaluable reference for anyone seeking to plot a course for publishing success.”

Here is what others said about Navigating:

“Reading this book actually gives you the feeling that you are sitting over coffee with writing coaches, agents, publishers, marketing professionals, and other experts. It’s a must-read for anyone who is   contemplating publishing or who has already started the process.” -  Patricia Fry, founder of SPAWN (Small Publishers, Artists and Writers Network) See the whole review here.

Navigating the Rough Waters of Today’s Publishing World is a compendium of practical, ‘real-world’ advice, insight, commentary, and instruction for writers seeking publication in today’s increasingly volatile, rapidly evolving,  and fiercely competitive publishing industry.  (It) should be considered mandatory reading for anyone and all aspiring authors seeking to become successful professionals.” - Midwest Book Review

A complete review of the modern publishing process, this resource is an ideal companion for aspiring authors who want to understand and break into this ever-changing industry.” -

Confused by the ever-changing publishing landscape? Marcia Meier shows you the way. Tapping into her extensive industry contacts, she brings you the best thinking on where books and publishing are headed in the coming years. Navigating is an indispensable resource that should be on every writer’s bookshelf.” – Arianna Huffington, best-selling author and founder of The Huffington Post

It’s a first-rate guide to the new world of publishing.” - Lou Cannon, former Washington Post columnist and author of President Reagan, The Role of a Lifetime, and many other books

Marcia Meier is a skilled and graceful writer whose experience as a writers conference director puts her in the catbird seat with regard to the publishing world. The insights she’s gleaned from the industry’s top agents and editors will be invaluable for any writer wondering how to proceed today.” – Davida Wills Hurwin, author of A Time for Dancing (an American Library Association Best Book for Young Adults), The Farther You RunCircle the Soul Softly, and Freaks and Revelations.

I want to thank you for writing a very useful book. I recently finished a third draft of my novel and was looking for some informed, up-to-date guidance to the ever-morphing publishing industry.  So, I went to Chaucer’s on State Street and found Navigating the Rough Waters of Today’s Publishing World, and it turned out to be just what I needed, at the right time. The sections on marketing and the role of authors in building platforms were especially helpful.” - Randal Jackson, NASA science writer.

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My poem, “When the Snow Geese Fly,” is in this lovely poetry anthology, Knocking at the Door, Poems About Approaching the Other, edited by Lisa Sisler and Lea C. Deschenes and published by Birch Bench Press in 2011.

Here is the poem:

When the snow geese fly to the warming marshes,

when the ice melts on the pond in the wood,

when the sweet breath of springtime hay

lofts over us and settles on the fields,

I will taste you as a blessing,

a quiet steady force


We will sit at the kitchen table and eat

fresh eggs and ripened tomatoes

from the garden


I will trust that my shattered

pieces will knit together again


and I will go when the day breaks

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My first book, Santa Barbara, Paradise on the Pacific, was published by Longstreet Press in 1996. A coffee table book with extensive text, it features the exceptional photography of Santa Barbara’s James Chen plus extensive chapters on the history of Santa Barbara, the community, and highlights of the city and environs.